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Tezos Domains Keyholders


For maintenance and future upgrades, Tezos Domains contracts are controlled by a group of keyholders from the community who are interested in the success of Tezos Domains. These include two members from the development team and five external members representing projects that use or integrate Tezos Domains.

The keyholders are members of a multisig contract, requiring any action to be approved by four of the seven members. This includes changing the configuration of the multisig itself.

Current keyholders

Andrew PaulicekTezos Domains
Miroslav BodecekTezos Domains
Klas Viktor HarryssonKukai
Jev BjörsellTaquito
Michael ZaikinBaking Bad
Korney VasilchenkoMadfish
Alessandro de CarliAirGap

Multisig address

The multisig address is KT1W56o8dK5En5hM46VsD1zKtgpqWPhs3bLh (view on Better Call Dev).