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Publishing Websites

Publish your website stored on IPFS using the Tezos Domains experimental content service.

Tezos Domains lets you host a website using the Interplanetary File System. If you own a Tezos domain like yourname.tez, you can easily point it to IPFS content, and it will be available to the public under You can use a pinning service like Pinata to pin your content on IPFS for free.

How to publish a website

If you already have website content available via IPFS or HTTP, you can add a Content URL field under Additional Data on your domain management screen.

The hosted website will work if it's using one of the following schemes:

  • ipfs:// for IPFS addresses (e.g. ipfs://bafybeibqsbqsngqgfhj2b2pligsoy7f2qdob23uqmzjysminlcjogzdj6a/)
  • ipns:// for IPNS names (e.g. ipns://k51qzi5uqu5dih3g9qiz4f72yi85mzxbki03ro2vfc2ifv77tq38iwerer338y/)
  • http:// and https:// for any content available via HTTP/HTTPS

After saving the domain, your website will become available under https://<domain>


This is an experimental feature, and we offer no guarantees on the service quality or availability in the future.