The TED token is launching on 10th of October! Check our blog for details 

Distribution of Proceeds

On-chain Treasury

Proceeds from Tezos Domains registrations and auctions are currently being accumulated in our multisig contract controlled by a group of keyholders from the community who have an interest in the success of Tezos Domains. Any transfer of funds would require signatures from a majority of the keyholders. To make use of the funds in the future, we plan on setting up an on-chain treasury governed by a decentralized organization.

Possible uses of the proceeds

A decentralized governing body will be able to allocate funds for different uses. These could include:

  • further development of Tezos Domains,
  • a marketing and legal budget,
  • grants for other projects integrating Tezos Domains,
  • supporting projects in the broader Tezos ecosystem.