The TED token has launched! More info available on our blog 

Governance Pool

The Governance Pool is a smart contract that lets TED holders deposit their tokens and receive votes (also known as TEDv) in return. By depositing and keeping TED tokens in the pool, depositors earn rewards that are linearly distributed across the pool over time, relative to their deposited amount. The exact amount of TED tokens distributed per year as rewards is subject to change and is directed by the Tezos Domains DAO and it's governance mechanism. The app will always display the current APR that is applied to the deposited tokens.

Depositing & Withdrawing

The app allows TED holders to deposit any amount they choose into the pool. Withdrawals can be made at any time, there is no lock-up period.


The APR shown is valid for the current time and it depends on the amount of tokens that have been deposited in total by all token holders. This means that the APR can be highly volatile and is by no means guaranteeed.