The TED token has launched! More info available on our blog 

Tezos Domains DAO

Tezos Domains DAO functions as the principal governing entity for Tezos Domains. This DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has the authority to implement proposals about treasury fund allocation, pricing adjustments, policy changes, contract upgrades, and the overall direction of Tezos Domains, as specified by the Constitution.

Governance token: TED

TED is the governance token that lets you vote within the Tezos Domains DAO. To acquire voting power, TED holders need to deposit their tokens into the governance pool, which in return will yield a separate token, TEDv. This TEDv token represents the voting power of the depositor. At any time, TEDv holders can retrieve their initial TED tokens by returning their TEDv.

In addition, the act of depositing TED into the governance pool also initiates a reward mechanism, allowing the depositor to continuously earn rewards from the pool.


Delegation is a model that has proved itself in the past, improving participation and effectiveness of other decentralized governance projects. Our philosophy is simple:

  • Becoming a Delegate: Anyone passionate about Tezos Domains governance can assume the role of a delegate.
  • Lending Voting Power: TED token holders can choose a delegate whose principles align with theirs and grant them their voting power.
  • No Barriers: There's no vetting procedure for being a delegate. The delegate status does not expire in time. The only requisite is to inspire trust among peers. If you are interested, please check our guide on how to become a delegate.

Proposal Creation and Voting

The Governance Forum is the primary place to discuss proposals put before the DAO, create new proposals, and discuss all things related to the DAO. Tezos Domains has collaborated with Homebase to provide a robust off-chain voting platform. Please consult the Proposal Process to learn how you can influence the future of Tezos Domains by creating new proposals.